Victory Dōjō, Universal City, TX

Victory Assembly of God Church

The Victory Dojo features regularly scheduled instruction in traditional Okinawa budō and Nippon budō at Victory Assembly of God church, which is conveniently located in the northeastern area of greater San Antonio, just off the Anderson Loop (Highway 1604), north of Randolf AFB and directly across the highway from the Alamo City Allstars Sportsplex.

Street Address
1017 West Byrd Boulevard
Universal City, TX 78148

Contact Information
For information about the classes and participation requirements, please contact Pellman Shihan directly at:
( USA (01) 830.350.0061 or emailing

Map & Directions

Class Schedule


Class ScheduleClasses at the Victory Dōjō are held every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (except holidays and occasional special events) in the Youth Centre of the church.  Class times are:

Okinawa Budō (karate-dō and Okinawa kobujutsu):
Mondays and Thursdays:  6:00 PM to 6:55 PM*
Saturdays:  9:00 AM to 9:55 AM*

Nippon Budō (iaijutsu, kenjutsu, jōjutsu, and aiki-jujutsu):
Mondays and Thursdays:  7:00 PM to 7:55 PM*
Saturdays:  10:00 AM to 10:55 AM*

*NOTE:  Participants should arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time to help set up, and remain 10 minutes after class time for sōji (clean up).  Observers and guests are asked to be seated prior to class time, so as not to disrupt training. 

ENTER ON SOUTH SIDE:  If there are no other activities at the church, the main entrance usually remains locked, so the best way to enter the Youth Centre where Victory Dōjō classes are conducted is through the door on the south side of the building (W. Byrd Ave. side) next to the coffee shop.

In Japanese culture, to be 10-15 minutes early is considered "on time", to be on time is "late", and to be even one minute late is to be "absent".  In traditional Japanese budō, students who arrive after class begins are often sent away for their rudeness.  At the Victory Dōjō, we simply ask that participants who arrive late wait quietly off to the side for permission to join the activities.


Class Participation

Victory Dojo LogotypeParticipants may elect to train in Okinawa budō only,  Nippon budō only, or both.

Training in classical budō is suitable for everyone.  However, not everyone is suitable for training in classical budō.  Budō is not merely an exercise programme, a leisure activity, entertainment, a sport, or a hobby.  It is a Way of Life that demands attentiveness, dedication, personal discipline, and a strong desire to achieve excellence.  It requires a serious commitment to regular training and a desire to live a much different and more purposeful lifestyle than most other people.

For this reason, participation is restricted to those who have the maturity to make such a commitment.

Minimum Age:  Participation of children is generally restricted  to those aged 8 and above.   Younger children may be accepted into the programme, provided they are accompanied by a participating adult family member (parent prefered) and they have demonstrated sufficient discipline to behave appropriately in class

Church membership or attendance not required.  You need not be a member of Victory Assembly of God, nor a Christian, to participate in the Victory Dōjō classes.  Participation is open to anyone aged 10 or above who wishes to train with us.  However, our instruction does include references to Judeo-Christian scriptures and principles that have a direct bearing on the principle of Bushidō that are central to our instruction and the arts we teach.    Participants are encouraged to invite their friends and associates to participate.

Tournaments & Competition:  None of the arts we teach are sports.  Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of each of these arts that can be adapted for competition, and competition does offer several worthwhile training benefits.  Thus, while our instruction is not oriented toward tournaments and competitions, we do encourage all participants to occasionally engage in competitions and tournaments.  As member of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU), we have access to one of the best-managed tournament systems in the world for those who wish to compete, and we will ensure that those wishing to do so have opportunities to enter local, regional, and national tournaments.  By the same token, those who would prefer not to compete can train their entire lifetime without doing so.

**NOTE:  All participants under the age of 18 must have the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Fees & Costs


Gold Koban CoinInstruction is being offered at the Victory Dōjō in order to make training in classical budō available at more affordable costs than are typically charged in a commercial dōjō that must pay high rental rates for facilities in a strip mall.  Our instructional fees are:

  Individual  $25 per month
  Additional Family Member  $20 per month each**
  Maximum per family $60 per month**

**NOTE:  Additional family members include parents or step-parents, and siblings or children living in the same household as the primary individual.

Participants will incur additional costs for dōgi (uniforms), buki (weapons), and bōgu (protective equipment) such as fist covers, a mouth-guard and, for males, groin protection (cup).  Costs of these items can vary greatly according to quality and the source from which they are purchased.  Sensei will provide information, specifications, and a list of suppliers upon request.  Information on dōgu (uniforms and equipment) can be found here.

Notice & Disclaimer


Seichu Gishi DenInstruction at the Victory Assembly of God church is being provided by the Nippon Budō Seishin-Kan as independant contractors operating under the name, "Victory Dōjō."  The instructors are not employees or agents of Victory Assembly of God, and neither the church, nor its members, leadership, or staff, bear any responsibility whatever for the content of instruction or the activities conducted.

Accordingly, the Seishin-Kan and its authorised instructors are solely and exclusively  reponsible for the curriculum, class content, instruction methods, and activities conducted during the budō classes provided on the church property.

Any and all questions concerning the class activities, methods of instruction, and/or curriculum should be directed to the Seishin-Kan's authorised instructors.  Please refer to our "Contact Us" page at the link below for information on contacting representatives of the Seishin-Kan.

The staff of Victory Assumbly of God should only be contacted regarding the facilities themselves and its hours of operation.