Seishin-Kan Global Affiliations

Our global affiliations

In order to best serve our members, the Seishin-Kan is closely affiliated with some of the most prestigious martial arts organizations in the world.  These affiliations are not maintained merely for prestige or notoriety, however.  Instead, these affiliations are maintained in order to ensure that we provide our members with the highest possible calibre of instruction and service in authentic koryū martial arts.

Each affiliation has been carefully evaluated and selected with our foremost thought being how it will benefit Seishin-Kan members.  Accordingly, as described in greater detail below, the Seishin-Kan maintains membership in such organizations as:  the Kokusai Nippon Budō Kai, the Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai, and the Kokusai Okinawa Kobujutsu Renmei.

Kokusai Nippon Budō Kai


KNBK LogoThe Seishin-Kan's primary martial arts affiliation is with the Kokusai Nippon Budō Kai.  The Seishin-Kan has been affiliated with the KNBK and its precursor, the Jikishin-Kai International since 1992.

It is through our affiliation with the KNBK that the Seishin-Kan offers instruction in authentic Shimabukuro-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-doMusō Jikiden Eishin-Ryū Iaijutsu, Shindō Musō-Ryū Jōjutsu, and Ono-Ha Ittō-Ryū Kenjutsu.

Every Seishin-Kan participant desiring to register his or her ranking with the KNBK is automatically enrolled as a member upon passing their first KNBK-authorised shinsa (promotion test).  This membership is automatically renewed each year thereafter, provided the participant continues regular training at the Seishin-Kan.

We strongly encourage every Seishin-Kan member to support the KNBK in every way possible.  More information about the KNBK is available here and on the KNBK website.

Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai - International Division


The Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai is Japan's oldest and most prestigious martial arts organization, with its headquarters in Kyōto, the ancient capital of Japan, where its forerunner, the Dai Nippon Butoku-Den was founded in 794 AD.  Briefly disbanded after the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the Butoku-Kai was reconstituted in 1895, then again in 1953 after having been closed in the aftermath of  World War II.

Carl E. Long Hanshi is chairman of the KNBK, is also the International Director of the Butoku-Kai's Iaidō and Battō-Hō programs, so we strongly encourage full support of the DNBK by our members, as well.


Kokusai Okinawa Kobujutsu Renmei

Karate-doThe Kokusai Okinawa Kobujutsu Renmei is the smallest global organization offering instruction in Okinawa kobujutsu—the ancient weapons systems of the Ryūkyū Islands.  The KOKR hombu dōjō is located in Nagoya, Aichi-ken, Japan.

In 2009 Leonard J. Pellman Shihan was appointed Hokubei Buchō (North America Director) of the KOKR and assigned the responsibility to organize the curriculum and supervise all instruction and maintenance of standards for Aragaki-Ryū in North America.

One of the major reasons for the extensive redesign of this Seishin-Kan website in 2010 was to help fulfill Pellman Shihan's commitment to promulgate information about the KOKR and Aragaki-Ryū in North America.

Seishin-Kan members are automatically enrolled as members of the KOKR upon successfully completing their first KOKR-authorised shinsa (promotion test).  Their annual membership is automatically renewed each year, provided they continue training at the Seishin-Kan.

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

AAU Logo (Used by permission)

The Nippon Budō Seishin-Kan is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU), one of the oldest and most respected amateur sports authorities in the world.   All members of the Victory Dōjō are enrolled as members of the the AAU.  The AAU provides our dōjō and those members wishing to compete with access to well-managed tournament system with equitably-applied rules and stringent safety requirements.  The AAU officiating system has long been the model other tournament organisations imitate.

The Seishin-Kan pays the annual membership fees in the AAU.  In the case of adults, aged 21 and over, the annual membership fee must be paid directly to the AAU and is deducted from the Seishin-Kan dues.  This ensures access to all AAU tournaments and programmes for Seishin-Kan members, and full AAU sanction of all events sponsored by the Seishin-Kan.

The San Antonio area is located in the South Texas District (ST) of the AAU.  Our club number is WY6AT8

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Affiliations with major organisations that promote authentic koryū (classical) budō, and maintain high standards of member conduct and ranking, not only ensure the credibility and authenticity of Seishin-Kan instruction, but also that the knowledge and ranking our members acquire will be accepted worldwide.

Thus, Seishin-Kan members can be assured that their skills and knowledge are at least the equal of anyone of equal ranking from another dōjō or style.

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