Seishin-Kan Online Store

Ancient Japanese Tea Shop

Coming Soon!


Later in 2015 this will become the location of the new Seishin-Kan Online Store, where we plan to offer a small selection of premium products and services to the martial arts community in general.

We will have a separate members-only shop in the password-protected area of the new website that will offer products and services intended exclusively for KNBK, KOKR, and Seishin-Kan members—most of which, like KNBK uniform patches or Seishin-Kan membership renewals, would not be of interest or use to non-members.

Featured Product #1

Shimabukuro HanshiOn the first page of the Online Store, we will probably list up to three featured products, so this represents the first of those two or three items.  It might be a product that we believe is of special value or interest to the martial arts community at large, or something we have been able to obtain at especially low prices ... (full product information here)

Featured Product #2


Another type of product we will probably feature prominently on the first page of the store would be any recently-released books or videos by KNBK or Seishin-Kan members.  Naturally, we believe books and videos by Shimabukuro Hanshi, Long Shihan, Pellman Sensei, etc. are absolutely essential to every martial artist! ... (full product information here)

Coming Soon!

Karate-doOne of our goals with the "new and improved" Online Store is to search out new products and services that are not widely available elsewhere.  Sure, we'll carry the standard items, like uniforms, books, and videos, but we will also try to find reliable suppliers of items that the martial arts megastores don't bother to carry.  So when we find such an item, we will probably announce it here ... or closer to the top if it's especially interesting. (full product information here)