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Leonard J. Pellman Shihan

Pellman Shihan is pleased to conduct seminars in Nippon Budō and/or Okinawa Budō throughout North America on behalf of the Nippon Budō Seishin-Kan and Kokusai Okinawa Bujutsu Renmei.   These seminars are a wonderful opportunity to introduce your students to classical budō concepts and styles rarely taught outside Japan and which they might not otherwise get an opportunity to receive personal instruction.

Offering these seminars can attract new students to your dōjō and aid in retention of existing students by providing learning opportunities not offered by your competitors.  A seminar also serves as a means of introducing a new art or style to your students to determine the degree of their interest in training in that art or style on a regular basis.

Nippon Budō Seminars

Posted by Michiko Pellman on 23 September 2010

Shimabukuro HanshiPellman Shihan will conduct seminars on any of the following mainland Japanese budō:

Musō Jikiden Eishin-Ryū Iaijutsu
Eishin-Ryū Seitei Iaidō
Shindō Musō-Ryū Jōjutsu
Shindō-Ryū Kenjutsu
Ono-Ha Ittō-Ryū Kenjutsu
Daitō-Ryū Aiki-jūjutsu

Pellman Shihan will tailor his presentation to the experience level of those attending, so presentations are available as introductions to any of these arts, beginner and intermediate training, or advanced technique, theory, and application.

Okinawa Bujutsu Seminars

Posted by Pellman Sensei on September 25, 2006

Available seminars in Okinawan martial arts are: 

Shitō-Ryū Karate-dō
Aragaki-Ryū Okinawa Kobujutsu

Each seminar is tailored to a general experience level, so Pellman Shihan's presentation can be an introduction to either art, a beginner-intermediate training session, or black belt training.  His seminars can also be presented on a specific kata (i.e, Gojūshihō or Kongō no Kon) and its bunkai (analysis) and ōyō (practical application), which is an excellent way to introduce students to concepts and techniques that are different from the style they normally practice in order to broaden their experience and deepen their knowledge.

How to Schedule a Seminar

Posted by Michaela Pellman on September 25, 2006

To schedule a seminar featuring Pellman Sensei, simply call (01) 210.591.7551 or email


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Pellman Shihan conducted a half-day seminar for the YMCA karate programme in in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The first two hours focused on karate-dō, and Shihan taught the students the Mabuni-kei kata, Kenshū, which none had learned before.   After learning the kata, the students then practiced several practical self-defence applications of the kata using simulated attack-and-defence scenarios.

The second half of the seminar was an introduction to Okinawa kobujutsu in which Shihan taught the foundational kata, Ufugusuku-no-kon.

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