Dawson Community Center, San Antonio, TX

Dawson Community Centre

Beginning 04 April 2016, Seishin-Kan instructors will begin teaching classes in traditional Shitō-Ryū Karate-dō at the Dawson Community Center, which is centrally located about midway between Highway I-35 to the north and Highway I-10/US-90 on the south, at the corner of E. Commerce St. and S. Walters.

Street Address
2500 E. Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX 78203
( USA (01) 210.227.1627  (for information about facilities only)

For information about the classes and participation requirements, please contact Pellman Sensei directly at:
( USA (01) 210.591.7551 or

Map & Directions

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Class Schedule


Class ScheduleClasses at the Dawson Community Center are scheduled every Monday and Wednesday (except holidays).  Class times are:

Youth & Family:        6:00 PM to 7:15 PM*
Adults & Seniors:      7:30 PM to 8:45 PM*

*NOTE:  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled class time to help set up, and remain 15 minutes after class time for sōji (clean up).  In Japanese culture, to be 15 minutes early is considered "on time", to be on time is "15 minutes late", and to be one minute late is to be "absent".  In traditional Japanese budō, students who arrive late are not permitted to participate in class!

REMINDER:  Classes begin 04 April 2016.


Class Participation

Karate-doTraining in classical karate-dō is suitable for everyone.  However, not everyone is suitable for training in classical karate-dō.  Karate-dō is a Way of Life that demands attentiveness, dedication, personal discipline, and a strong desire to achieve excellence.  It is not merely an exercise programme, a leisure activity, or a hobby.  Even sport karate is more than a game!  This is why we offer two different programmes of instruction at the Dawson Community Centre:

Youth & Family Class:  designed for youth aged 8 through 12, along with older members of their immediate family who wish to participate with them as a family activity.  The focus of the Youth & Family class is on karate as a sports and recreational activity, so emphasis in class will be on learning the rules, etiquette, techniques, and sportsmanship of karate as a competitive sport.  Physical fitness and conditioning in preparation for tournament competition is also a key componenent of the Youth & Family Class.  Opportunities to compete in local, state, and national tournaments will be afforded those participants desiring to do so.

Adult & Seniors Class:  designed for participants aged 13** and over who demonstrate maturity in their karate training.  The focus of the Adult & Seniors class will be on the traditional aspects of karate-dō as a healthy, enriching, and disciplined lifestyle that balances physical, mental, and spiritual development, as well as the practical self-defence applications of karate techniques.  Physical conditioning is less rigourous in this class than in the sports-oriented Youth & Family Class, making it well suited to seniors (55 and older) and adults seeking to improve their fitness and stamina at a more gradual pace.

**NOTE:  Participants under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

Fees & Costs


Gold Koban CoinInstruction is being offered at the Dawson Community Center in order to make training in classical karate-dō available at more affordable costs than are typically charged in a commercial dōjō that pays high rental rates for facilities in a strip mall.  Instruction fees are:

Individual                                              $40 per month
Additional Family Member            $20 per month each**
Maximum per family                         $100 per month

**NOTE:  Additional family members include parents or step-parents, and siblings or children living in the same household as the primary individual.

Participants can expect to incur additional costs for karate-gi (uniform), fist-guards, mouth-guard, and for males, groin protection (cup).  Costs of these items can vary greatly according to quality and the source from which they are purchased.  Sensei will provide information, specifications, and a list of suppliers in class upon request.  Information on dōgu (uniforms and equipment) can be found here.

Notice & Disclaimer


Seichu Gishi DenInstruction at the Dawson Community Center by Pellman Sensei and other Seishin-Kan instructors is being provided as independant contractors; not as employees of the City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department, or the Dawson Community Center.

Accordingly, the Seishin-Kan and Pellman Sensei are solely and wholely reponsible for the curriculum, class content, instruction methods, and activities conducted during the karate classes provided at the Dawson Community Center.

Any and all questions concerning the class activities, methods of instruction, and/or curriculum should be directed to the Seishin-Kan's authorised instructors.  Please refer to our "Contact Us" page at the link below for information on contacting representatives of the Seishin-Kan.

The staff of the Dawson Community Center should only be contacted regarding the facilities themselves and its hours of operation.