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NYUMON: entering the gate

The photograph at left symbolizes nyūmon—entering the gate—and we thank you for considering membership in the Nippon Budō Seishin-Kan and thereby entering the gate! 

We currently offer two types of membership:  Active Membership and Associate Membership, so before you complete our application form, please take a moment to learn which of these membership types applies to you and whether or not you qualify for membership in the Seishin-Kan.

Active Member (more below):  anyone who is enrolled at any local dōjō or kenkyūkai (authorized study group) that is under the auspices of the Nippon Budō Seishin-Kan is automatically enrolled as an Active Member at no additional cost.  Financial support of the Seishin-Kan is provided through the local dōjō or kenkyūkai at which Active Members train.  However, not everyone qualifies for membership in the Seishin-Kan.  Read "Do You Have What It Takes?"  below to find out if you are qualified.

Associate Member (more below):  those who otherwise qualify for Seishin-Kan membership, but do not live close enough to a member dōjō to train as an Active Member are welcome to join as an Associate Member and receive all the benefits of membership except the ability to train at a local dōjō or kenkyūkai.  Simply complete our online membership application.

Your First Class.  If you become an active member of the Seishin-Kan, you probably have questions about your first training session:  what to bring with you and what to expect.  Those questions are answered for you here.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Posted by Michiko Pellman on 25 September 2012

The Nippon Budo Seishin-Kan is not a "McDojo" (see our FAQ), so we don't accept just anyone and everyone who walks through the door for membership and training at one of our local dōjō.  Due to the nature of the arts we teach and our philosophy of instruction, we are highly selective about the candidates we accept for instruction.  So before you consider applying for Active Membership, you should find out whether or not you have what it takes to be accepted.  Whether you are seeking training in classical budo, sports budo, or an activity for your child(ren), we accept only those candidates who ...

n ... will devote themselves and/or encourage their participating children to devote themselves to training consistently, for the long term, and as a lifestyle; not merely as a pastime or a seasonal activity.
n ... have (and/or will encourage their participating children to have) an earnest desire and intent to live a life that is guided  by the principles and ideals of Bushidō.
n ... will strive to develop and/or encourage their participating children to develop strong bonds of camaradarie and mutual support with all other members of the dōjō.
n ... will dedicate themselves and/or encourage their participating children to adhere to our Dōjō Kun at all times, both in and out of class.
n And maybe another factor here!

If the qualifications outlined above describe you, then we encourage you to stop by our nearest location to meet the instructor(s) or contact us for further information on classes available in your area.  If you have questions about our qualifications and/or the application process, please review our FAQ or discuss it with us in person, by phone, or email.   Our application documents are available in PDF format under the heading "Related Links" in the right-hand column of this page.

Why Become an Associate Member?

Posted by Michiko Pellman on 01 September 2010

Shimabukuro HanshiHere are a few of the reasons you might want to become an Associate Member of the Seishin-Kan:

n To have access to our member services, including  our online martial arts discussion community, online learning center, and members-only online store
n To have access to our member features (described above) in order to support a child or other family member who is either an Active or Associate Member of the Seishin-Kan
n Or simply to financially support the ongoing work of the Seishin-Kan in promulgating classical Japanese budō around the world, including the operation of the original Web-Dōjō
n Another reason here ...
n And maybe one more reason here!

Whatever the reason, we are confident you will find your Associate Membership well worth the $10.00 per year membership fee.  Click here to apply now [NOTE:  this link is not yet active, as we will not be accepting Associate Members until our tax-exempt status has been confirmed].

Benefits of Associate Membership

Posted by Michiko Pellman on 25 September 2012

Associate Members enjoy all of the benefits of membership, except one:  a local dōjō in which to train.  Associate Members receive full access to the members-only area of the website, the opportunity to opt in to our mailing lists, member prices on all purchases, and the opportunity to interact with all other Seishin-Kan members in our discussion boards and online learning center.

How To Get Your Login Information

Posted by Upton O'Goode on 14 May 2011

Shortly after your membership application is reviewed and accepted you will receive an email with your login information (Member ID and password).  Since Active Memberships are processed through the local  dōjō or kenkyūkai their login information is normally sent within 72 hours of our receipt of your application from them.  Please allow about a week for this to occur.  Associate Members should receive their login within 72 hours of their payment.  So if either of these deadlines has passed, please contact Member Services and we will take quick action to resolve any problem that has occurred. 

Membership Card

Random foliage

Membership cards are not as popular as they once were.  The same goes for those "suitable for framing" membership certificates, so we now issue them only upon request.  This not only saves printing and postage costs, but conserves natural resources.

However, any member who wants a membership card or certificate, can simply request either one and we will promptly mail it.

To see an example of the Seishin-Kan membership card and certificate, please click here.  To request your copy, please click here.

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