Effective 01 March 2021 the Kokusai Nippon Budō-Kai (KNBK) terminated its 19-year relationship with the Nippon Budo Seishin-Kan.  The two organisations are no longer affiliated in any way.  Anyone seeking information about the KNBK or wishing to contact them should visit that organisation's website, as we have been asked to remove all links and information relating to them.

This notice will remain posted on the Seishin-Kan website as a courtesy until we are certain that any legacy links directing visitors to this page have been removed.

"Jikishin Kore Dōjō Nari"

Posted by Pellman Shihan on 15 August 2010
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The Nippon Kobudō Jikishin-Kai took its name from an ancient Zen saying:  "Jikishin kore dōjō nari," which translates as "a pure heart transforms into a dōjō."  The The Jikishin-Kai International likewise adopted this precept and continued the tradition of instilling in all its members an on-going commitment to seek perfection of character and attainment of a pure heart, both in and out of the dōjō

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A JKI Legacy page is being planned for inclusion on the Seishin-Kan website in 2021 or 2022.  Stay tuned.

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